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There are few games which fit the description new invention, colorful and challenging, all at once. Gindis is not just another strategy game. Gindis is a game which develops the thinking abilities and skills of the player.

Planning ability, strategic thinking and decision-making are learned skills upon which the study of the game is based, and as the players deepen their learning and understanding of the game they improve their personal abilities in these areas.

Gindis is a game which is amazingly simple in its principles and which does not require computer resources or downloading a program. It is run free on the internet, its principles are basic and all that is needed is to register, understand the rules and dive in.

The principles of the game are simple: When a new player joins, a virtual country is registered in his/her name, with a basic sum of money, a small plot of land, a small army and a simple factory.

The player's object, as the leader of the country, is to build a country as strong as possible - with a thriving economy due to civilian factories, an army which is strong due to arms, military factories and more. In order to develop the country, the player must have as much land as possible, and this can be gained only through attacking a neighboring country with similar strength.

There are additional factors in the game, such as the UN - each country may propose resolutions against other countries and bribe other countries, there is much world-wide diplomacy and politics, strategy and more.

The player plays with tens of thousands of users from around the world, and he is translated into most languages.



New owner for gindis.com

Dear player, From today the site gindis.com and games are owned by the company ÚJ RÓZSAKERT Ltd that place in Hungary. Everything is the same and just the company name that owns the site and games changed. The company ÚJ RÓZSAKERT controlled by the same owner and the managers of the site are the same Victor & Ron that continue to upgrade and develop the games. Gindis Team

2010-09-07 13:17:43

New game update will take place on July 27.

New game Update on July 27. Dear player. 1. Players with supporter will receive 30 turns bonus per day, today they get 20. 2. If you have more than 25 billion of total power and more then 200 million of industry power you'll have the option to attack any one that is above you. * The county that you attack can attack you back. * Any one can attack ranking 1-10 * the game instructions have been updated. 3. There is no limitation on ballistic and SDI tech' levels * each level cost 2 billion dabble then the previous for example: level 2 cost you 4 billion and level 100 cost you 200 billion power. *the system will auto update your tech': SDI level 8 to SDI level 16 Ballistic level 5 stays on level 5 4. We added 2 more levels to the accuracy of your missiles, you can get now 100%. Have fun and good luck. Gindis Team

2010-06-17 22:24:26