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About Gindis

Our mission is to create a world without a language barrier, where everyone can understand and be understood.

The Gindis site is the only site that whose goal is to solve the language problem on the Internet and all the future technologies that will develop concerning this subject.

The games we build are in category of PBBGs games.


What is special about our technology?

It’s very simple what we are doing. Write something in your own language and the whole world will understand you!

You can read and write in your language and people will see your messages translated automatically to their language.

Example: When you play our game Army Commander you read the game in your language; at the same time other players from around the world playing the same game will be able read it in their language!

Our goral is to have everything in their own language. The country news, relation messages all will be translated automatically. For the first time you can play with other people, from around the world, without a language problem!

We wish you pleasant surfing in the site.

Gindis Team