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GinDis.com is the latest addition to the world of online gaming and while they do not offer too much of a variety in terms of the number of games that they currently have, the games that they do have are 100% addictive!

The GinDis.com games

Gindis.com currently has about five games, one of which is an army leader game online. All five of these games can be played online, some require special codes and some do not. The games are World Leaders, Army Commander, Middle East Empire 2007, Tactic Wars and Mr. President. These games have originality to their credit as well – you will not find free online army games like these anywhere else on the web.

The GinDis.com technology

The GinDis.com team has a very specific goal in mind, a very simple yet effective goal – to get rid of the language barrier that creeps up ever so often while a person is gaming online. The whole idea of this new technology is that you can game with someone in your own language while they game with you in theirs. Here‘s an example of how it works. Let‘s say that you choose to play one of the free army games online. Like most other games, this too will be a multiplayer game. Now you choose to initiate a conversation with the other player who is perhaps in a country different from yours. Here‘s what will happen. When you send this person a message in your language, it is automatically translated it into the language of the receiver. With this break through technology online gaming has never been more fun!

The GinDis.com reviews

The most exciting of the GinDis games seems to be the online army commander game. The user reviews for this game are excellent all the way. The game seems to be scoring brownie points and it has thumbs up ratings on its graphics, addiction, value for money and multiplayer levels. What more could you ask of a free online game army?

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There is no doubt that every one likes to have some fun some times. But how they have fun is the issue. Do you enjoy being totally absorbed in what you do? Are you competitive by nature? Do you like to pit your wits against some one else? If your answer is yes to all of this, you will love to play a Free Multiplayer Online Game from GinDis.com. After all, GinDis.com brings you games that will provide you with hours of fun.