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Weapons description

Troops – Can be used to defend your country from enemy commando raids and can also be used to launch commando attack raids.  

Tanks – Tanks are very important when you launch full force attacks. The more tanks you have, the greater the chance of destroying factories and obtaining land. It is important to note that tanks are also used as the last line of defense upon enemy tank raids.

Artillery – Artillery is used to soften enemy troop positions and enemy artillery.  A good idea is to use Artillery Barrage and follow it with a Commando Attack.  This way the enemy has fewer troops to defend their land.

Anti-Air Missiles – Anti-air missiles are used to defend your country from air attacks (i.e. Jets and helicopters).  When launching Full-Force attacks, Anti-Air missiles are used to defend your tanks from enemy helicopters. 

Jets – Jets are a powerful weapon in the game.  They can be sent for bombing runs to hit enemy positions.  The more jets you have, the greater the chance you have in hitting more enemy positions.  A good idea is to use them to launch waves of bombing runs before launching a Full-Force attack. 

Helicopters – Helicopters are great to use for hitting enemy tanks, artillery, and troops.  Helicopters can be used in hitting enemy tanks, in softening positions and during Full-Force Attacks.  It is important to decrease enemy tanks! 

Ships – Ships help protect your shoreline.  They also carry huge cannon guns which attack troops.  When used during Navy Attacks, it can help decrease enemy troops.  Be careful of enemy ships and submarines which patrol their shoreline! 

Submarines – Submarines are a great stealth weapon, and can be used to launch stealth attacks on enemy shorelines.  A successful stealth attack will destroy enemy SDI Missiles.  Submarines are equipped with torpedoes and guided missiles.  The torpedoes are used against enemy ships and enemy submarines, while the guided missiles are used to destroy enemy SDI Centers.  A good tactic is to use submarines before launching a ballistic missile attack.  

Ballistic Missiles Ballistic missiles have multiple uses.

Regular warhead – can destroy enemy factories and leave the enemy only ground.

Chemical warhead - Every missile that hits the enemy country can kill up to 10,000 troops.

Biological warhead - Every missile that hits the enemy country can destroy up to 1,000,000 cash and destroy from 1-500 tanks.

Nuclear warheadcan destroy enemy factories and the LAND vanishes with it!

EMP warhead - Every missile that hits the enemy country can destroy 1-15 Jets, 1-15 Helicopters, 1-100 Ballistic Missiles and 1-50 satellites.

Anti-Ballistic Missiles – Anti-Ballistic missiles are used to defend from incoming enemy ballistic missiles.  The greater your Anti-Ballistic missiles, the less chance the enemy has to hit your country!  

Satellites – Satellites are very important, and are used to collect information on your enemy before launching any kind of attack. When you know your enemy weapons status then it’s most likely you will succeed in your attack. You can send satellites to discover enemy country status, how many factories, to see the last messages that this country leader has received and to read their country news. You can use the option "read country news" to detect enemies spy operations that have been sent to frame other countries.

Spies – Spies are a very powerful weapon in the game! You can use them for a variety of operations; the most dangerous mission is to send your spies to kill the country leader.  If successful, the enemy country will lose, and will be placed in the game’s book of history. 

Tactics in the game

You can use a variety of tactics in the game; the best way is to join forces with other countries and to attack weaker countries. The stronger your economy, the stronger your country!

Here are a few tactics that you can use in the game:

  1. Use frame operations to create war between two other countries, and then Full-Force attack to take the rewards.
  2. Form alliances, and do joint attacks.
  3. Spy on your enemy country before launching an attack.
  4. Attack enemy countries with twice as much Tank Force to destroy more factories and gain more land.
  5. Launch ballistic missiles on your enemy only if you have more ballistic missiles than their SDI missiles.


The best advice I can offer is to build factories at the start, make friends, and join existing alliances.  This will be the only way to survive in this game!