Update in the Game Army Commander

Army Commander | Posted by admin
Sep 23 2009

Dear players,
We allow unlimited actions of spies to spy on other countries.
Gindis Team

Army Commander on Facebook

Army Commander | Posted by admin
Sep 21 2009

Dear players,
We glad to announce the Army Commander version for Facebook.

You can play in the same new world and have many benefits with it.
1. In the registration you just need to enter the country name.
* No need to enter username, password or to verify the email.
2. You can invite easily your friends to your alliance.
3. You can define easily in the country information if you want to get notification when someone send spies to your country, when your country get attack or if there is new request in the U.N. on your country.
4. There are no advertising.
5. You can delete your country from the country information option.
6. You can post about the game in your facebook wall and bring many of your friends to the game.
7. We plan to add many new options like to send and get daily gifts to your facebook friends and much more.
* Very soon we will add other languages to facebook
Gindis Team

Update in the game World Leaders

World Leaders | Posted by admin
Aug 06 2009

Dear Players,
1. From now everyone will get country event every 3 days instead of every 7 days.
2. Countries ranked 1-10 can attack any country ranked 1-10 with no relationship to Net Worth.
3. Everyone can attack the countries ranked 1-10.
Good luck to all,
Gindis Team

New Version of the game Army Commander

Army Commander | Posted by admin
Jul 07 2009

Update in the game Army Commander
Dear player,
The old world of Army Commander got closed for new registrations and we open new world with new rules.
* If you want to transfer your supporter to the new world then you can do it but only the time of the supporter will be transferred without the technologies, military, factories…
* If you have supporter in the old world then you can play with it and also move the supporter to new country if you lost.

1. We update the U.N. that new players will have the power to stop strong countries.
* If the resolution “Everyone must attack the country” is accepted then everyone can attack this country for 3 days.
* If the resolution “Everyone must send spies to kill the leader of the country” is accepted then the Uzbek guards of this country will not be active for 3 days.
* The window of the U.N. got improved and all requests in the U.N. are automatic.
2. The number of turns needed for attacking changed:
Attack With Full-Force (150 turns)
Attack With Half-Force (70 turns)
Commando Attack (Troops only - 50 turns)
Bombing Run (Jets only - 25 turns)
Artillery Barrage (Artillery only - 20 turns)
Soften Enemy Positions (Helicopters only - 25 turns)
Navy Attack (Ships only - 30 turns)
Stealth Attack (Submarines only - 35 turns)
Missile Attack (Ballistic Missiles - 250 turns)
Bombing Run on the Nuclear facility (Jets only - 40 turns)
Bombing Run on the Biological facility (Jets only - 40 turns)
Bombing Run on the Chemical facility (Jets only - 40 turns)
Bombing Run on the EMP facility (Jets only - 40 turns)
Bombing Run on the Intelligence Centers (Jets only - 40 turns)
Attack And Conquer (250 turns)
3. The system will allow you to do every spy option every 24 hours.
4. Everyone can launch ballistic missiles from now with no limitations.
5. We brought back the email confirmation for new players.
* Every 7 days you will need to approve your email so please register with good email.
6. The system will allow you to open only one player from your IP.
7. We updated the game graphics.
8. Can be maximum 10 members in alliance.
9. You can build maximum 100 factories from every kind.
Gindis Team

New options in the game Middle East Empire 2027

Middle East Empire 2027 | Posted by admin
May 24 2009

Dear player,
We added new option in the game Middle East Empire 2027
The option will allow you to keep the score of your game.
We show only the best top 10 players.
Gindis Team

Coming update in the game Army Commander 26.4.2009

Army Commander | Posted by admin
Mar 31 2009

The update will be in the date 26.4.2009
* After 10 days of vacation your country will shrink by 1% every day and after 90 days the country will vanish instead of 30 days that was before.
* If the resolution ”Everyone must attack with spies the country… ” is accepted, then 90% from the country Anti-Spy technology will not work for 3 days. (You will have a greater chance to succeed with your spies. Please read about the Spy technology to increase your chances.)
Instead of 75% that was until now.
* If the resolution ”We demand money from the country… “is accepted, then this country will be prompted to send 25% of the money in the bank, at the time the resolution passes to the country that made the resolution.(After they send the money then they will get a message in their general news and the resolution will vanish from the UN)
Instead of 1% that was until now.
* Events will change up to 5%
* The alliances colors get fixed.
Gindis Team

Gindis new look

Main Site | Posted by admin
Feb 25 2009

Dear players,
We change the look of Gindis Games.
Please write us what you think about it.
Thank you,
Gindis Team