Update in the game Army Commander

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Mar 25 2010

Dear players,
1. We added new option in the game that allows you to open new countries from your master country and manage multiple countries from one place.
* The button to enter the countries management will appear in the main screen.
* Every 100 milliard in your total power you can open new country.
* The calculation how many countries you can open done by calculating all your countries total power and the sum appear in the countries management option. Example: If you will have total power of 404 milliard then you can hold up to 5 countries.
* The cost to open new country: 50 Milliard.
* When opening new country the system will allow you to define the country name.
* You can see list of all your countries in the management tool and enter to them by clicking on button. (The list contain country id, country name, rank, total power, turns and free land)
* Countries that you manage will be connected by the system and it means the following things:
You cannot attack the same country.
You cannot spy on the same country.
You cannot vote for the same request in the U.N.
You cannot send aid between the countries.
* Master country appears in the color green. (Master country is the country you enter the username and password)
* Country that lost appears in red.
* When master country lost the system will allow you to open new master country. (If you have supporter then it will move to the new master country)
* When regular country lost and the country do not have supporter then the system will delete it automatically after 30 days.
* If one of your countries in the management tool have supporter then you can move it to new country only.
* You cannot transfer supporter from master country to regular country or opposite.
* You can change password only to master country.
* From master country you will need to click on the extra turns one time and all your regular countries will get the extra automatically. (Only after you clicking on the banners of the extra then you will get the turns)
* If your master country have supporter then one click will give all your regular countries the extra turns and will put them in the lottery.

2. You can buy supporter for 3 months or one year.
Gindis Supporter Package
You can upgrade your country and remove limitations and protect your investment in technologies you have obtained.
The Gindis Supporter Package will give you, while the package is active for the length of time it was purchased
* Allows you to send in game messages from the relations menu every 3 minutes.
* Allows you to add a flag to your country and if you are the leader of an alliance, you can add a flag for your alliance separately. (The files/pictures must be linked to from another website)
* Automatic Extra turns/lottery/phone bonus option. This option will make your life easy and you will not need to vote for army commander, phone every day to get the daily bonus or click in lottery, it will be done automatically for you! (You will have one button in the extra turns menu but you must click on the button once every day)
* You will have many new options in the game like opportunities window in the war room and many others.
* The supporter will allow you to move part of your country technologies and some of your army to new country if you lose.

Supporter rules
* The technology transfer will be 50% from your technologies or 5 technology levels the highest will be considered.
* 20% from your land, military and factories will be transferred to your new country. (This way you do not start from zero)
* You have range of 7 days that you can choose from and it’s mean that you choose the date from when you get the 20%.
* You can check the dates and choose the best day.
* If you do not move your supporter in 7 days then you will lose the option to get 20% from your land, military and factories and the only thing that will move will be the technologies.
* When you will approved to move the supporter to new country then the system will delete the old country and will open for you new country with the same username, password, email…(Just the country name will need to be different)
* If you will move your supporter to existing country then only the technologies will move.
* If you will move the supporter to existing country then the technologies will override the technologies that were in the country you moved to supporter into.
* You can buy supporters pack and get discount for it. (For details please contact us at: sales@gindis.com)

3. You can buy factories packages. (20 factories that you choose every day)
* The option found in the factories screen.
Good luck to all,
Gindis Team

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