Update in the game Army Commander

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Feb 25 2010

Dear players,
1. You can move the army to your enemy borders and back without using turns.
* You can do this option every half hour.
2. When you come back from vacation you just need to click Enter.
3. We added new option that allows you to see how many countries you destroyed.
* In the rank list you can see the top countries destroyer. (Top 10 leaders)
* If you will check country then you can see how deadly the leader you wish to attack so be careful from now.
4. You cannot see information on countries that in vacation mode.
5. You cannot see world news on countries that in vacation mode.
6. In the alliance and in the U.N. we added new button that allow you to check requests and resolutions that connected with leaders that in your alliance.
7. If you will build all your factories 2,400 total then new technology will open to you in the technology screen.
* Technology name “Upgrade Industry”
* The technology will allow you to build extra 25 factories.
* The cost for the technology is 10% from your total power.
* If you will build again the max number of factories then again you will have the option to upgrade the industry technology.
* The system will allow you again and again to build factories and the trigger is that you must build all the factories.
Good luck to all,
Gindis Team

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