Update in the game Army Commander

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Dec 04 2009

Dear players,
In the date 29.11.2009 going to come the following update in the game.
1. You can see in the U.N. how vote Yes or No to requests and Resolutions.
* No more secret voting.
* You can see it when you will click how many votes.
2. New spy operations that allowed every 24 hours.
* Spy on country relations – allow you to see messages that other countries leaders sent to this country.
* Spy on alliance – Allow you to see the list of countries that in the alliance and alliance messages.
* Chance of success in the spy missions are 1000/75
Good luck to all,
Gindis Team

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  1. Cartorierne says:

    Wow enjoyed reading this article. I submitted your rss to my blogreader.

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