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Jul 07 2009

Update in the game Army Commander
Dear player,
The old world of Army Commander got closed for new registrations and we open new world with new rules.
* If you want to transfer your supporter to the new world then you can do it but only the time of the supporter will be transferred without the technologies, military, factories…
* If you have supporter in the old world then you can play with it and also move the supporter to new country if you lost.

1. We update the U.N. that new players will have the power to stop strong countries.
* If the resolution “Everyone must attack the country” is accepted then everyone can attack this country for 3 days.
* If the resolution “Everyone must send spies to kill the leader of the country” is accepted then the Uzbek guards of this country will not be active for 3 days.
* The window of the U.N. got improved and all requests in the U.N. are automatic.
2. The number of turns needed for attacking changed:
Attack With Full-Force (150 turns)
Attack With Half-Force (70 turns)
Commando Attack (Troops only - 50 turns)
Bombing Run (Jets only - 25 turns)
Artillery Barrage (Artillery only - 20 turns)
Soften Enemy Positions (Helicopters only - 25 turns)
Navy Attack (Ships only - 30 turns)
Stealth Attack (Submarines only - 35 turns)
Missile Attack (Ballistic Missiles - 250 turns)
Bombing Run on the Nuclear facility (Jets only - 40 turns)
Bombing Run on the Biological facility (Jets only - 40 turns)
Bombing Run on the Chemical facility (Jets only - 40 turns)
Bombing Run on the EMP facility (Jets only - 40 turns)
Bombing Run on the Intelligence Centers (Jets only - 40 turns)
Attack And Conquer (250 turns)
3. The system will allow you to do every spy option every 24 hours.
4. Everyone can launch ballistic missiles from now with no limitations.
5. We brought back the email confirmation for new players.
* Every 7 days you will need to approve your email so please register with good email.
6. The system will allow you to open only one player from your IP.
7. We updated the game graphics.
8. Can be maximum 10 members in alliance.
9. You can build maximum 100 factories from every kind.
Gindis Team

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