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New game update will take place on July 27.

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Jun 17 2010

New game Update on July 27.

Dear player.
1. Players with supporter will receive 30 turns bonus per day, today they get 20.
2. If you have more than 25 billion of total power and more then 200 million of industry power you’ll have the option to attack any one that is above you.
* The county that you attack can attack you back.
* Any one can attack ranking 1-10
* the game instructions have been updated.
3. There is no limitation on ballistic and SDI tech’ levels
* each level cost 2 billion dabble then the previous
for example: level 2 cost you 4 billion and level 100 cost you 200 billion power.
*the system will auto update your tech’:
SDI level 8 to SDI level 16
Ballistic level 5 stays on level 5
4. We added 2 more levels to the accuracy of your missiles, you can get now 100%.

Have fun and good luck.

Gindis Team

Game Updat - Army Commander

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Jun 05 2010

Army Commander Game update!

Dear player,
1. The time between attacks and spy actions changed to 15 sec’
2. Password recovery will ask you to provide your country number.
3. After 5 days from registering you will be ask to confirm your Email.
* only from new countries
* no need to confirm emails to countries under the managing panel
4. New player will see a popup with some tips for a good start
5. you can manage up to 50 countries in the countries control panel

Have fun
Gindis Team