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Update in the game Army Commander

Army Commander | Posted by admin
Oct 14 2009

Dear players,
For FaceBook players
We allow sending daily system gifts to your facebook allies.
* You can send system gifts only to your allies.
* We allow country to receive one different gift a day.
* There are 12 different gifts that you can send or receive.
The gifts types are:
25 Turns
250 Land
250,000,000 Money
100,000 Troops
25,000 Artillery
20,000 Tanks
15,000 Anti-Air Missiles
8,000 Helicopters
7,000 Jets
5,000 Ships
3,000 Submarines
1,000 SDI Missiles
* You can receive the same kind of gift after 12 days.
* If you receive gift it will appear in your country news.
Gindis Team