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Update in the Game Army Commander

Army Commander | Posted by admin
Sep 23 2009

Dear players,
We allow unlimited actions of spies to spy on other countries.
Gindis Team

Army Commander on Facebook

Army Commander | Posted by admin
Sep 21 2009

Dear players,
We glad to announce the Army Commander version for Facebook.

You can play in the same new world and have many benefits with it.
1. In the registration you just need to enter the country name.
* No need to enter username, password or to verify the email.
2. You can invite easily your friends to your alliance.
3. You can define easily in the country information if you want to get notification when someone send spies to your country, when your country get attack or if there is new request in the U.N. on your country.
4. There are no advertising.
5. You can delete your country from the country information option.
6. You can post about the game in your facebook wall and bring many of your friends to the game.
7. We plan to add many new options like to send and get daily gifts to your facebook friends and much more.
* Very soon we will add other languages to facebook
Gindis Team