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Coming update in the game Army Commander 26.4.2009

Army Commander | Posted by admin
Mar 31 2009

The update will be in the date 26.4.2009
* After 10 days of vacation your country will shrink by 1% every day and after 90 days the country will vanish instead of 30 days that was before.
* If the resolution ”Everyone must attack with spies the country… ” is accepted, then 90% from the country Anti-Spy technology will not work for 3 days. (You will have a greater chance to succeed with your spies. Please read about the Spy technology to increase your chances.)
Instead of 75% that was until now.
* If the resolution ”We demand money from the country… “is accepted, then this country will be prompted to send 25% of the money in the bank, at the time the resolution passes to the country that made the resolution.(After they send the money then they will get a message in their general news and the resolution will vanish from the UN)
Instead of 1% that was until now.
* Events will change up to 5%
* The alliances colors get fixed.
Gindis Team