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Know More about Online Gaming and Its Future

Did you think even 15 years ago that you would be playing the kind of games that you do online today? Did you ever think that you could sit down with your computer just about anywhere; log on to the net with your WIFI enabled laptop and play an exciting, competitive online game with friends all over the world? Well, times have changed and the unimaginable has become possible.

Tomorrow’s World Today

This is only the beginning. The development of online games continues unabated and new innovations are being introduced almost every day. Millions of dollars are being poured into these developmental activities. These activities have given birth to a flourishing industry world wide. This is the online gaming industry.

What Next?

Who knows what the future holds? Industry heavy weights would like to see the day come when you can play an online game from anywhere, on anything. In other words, you should be able to start a game on your Desktop PC at home, continue on your mobile on the train, play on your laptop at work and finally end on your portable PlayStation at the local burger joint. And all this would be simultaneously with friends all over the world, also switching locations and devices in real time.

New Horizons in Gaming

For all these developments to fructify effectively, the development of massively multiplayer games has to accelerate. They need to develop the capability for games to be played all over the world and across the different platforms that are being used today. However, these options are becoming more and more viable considering all the new platforms being developed by companies such as Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Furthermore, the new age cell phones are featuring amazing graphics capabilities and portable gaming devices are evolving in leaps and bounds. So it is only a matter of time...

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