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A Journey of Online Browser Based Game

Browser based games have come a long way. Basically, a Browser based game is one played on a web browser. The difference between a browser based game and other computer and video games is that there is no need to install client side software and only a web browser is required. Web browser plug-ins is required for a plug-in based web browser game. Among the web browser plug-ins are Flash Player, Unity, Java and Shockwave. Most browsers these days give you the option to install this plug-ins if you haven’t already installed them.

The Advent of DHTML

Towards the end of the 1990’s, Document Object Model Level 2 technology was developed. This enabled the production of games that could be run in a browser without necessitating the installation of third party plug ins. The Document Object Model, CSS, and JavaScript were used in a combination to write these browser games. This combination is referred to as Dynamic HTML (DHTML).

DHTML and its Uses

DHTML is usually required for use in drop down menu’s and image roll over’s. DHTML can also be used for the production of animation effects for action games that are sprite-based. These games can be developed further with Ajax programming techniques.

Server Side Scripting

These days, server-side scripting is being used for the creation of more and more games. These include scripting languages such as Java, Python, Perl, ASP, Ruby and PHP. Basically, the user’s browser HTML code is sent to be interpreted. Ajax is included by some of them, thereby permitting the user to detect instant responses to the action taking place online. This also serves to increase the visual appeal of the game and hold the users attention indefinitely. Every day new innovations are taking place in web based browser games as they are constantly being developed and updated.

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Advantages of Playing Online Browser Games

Are you one of those people who are under the impression that wanting to play a great interactive game involves hours of downloading and installation? And did you think that it would be followed by problems and trouble shooting issues? Well then, think again. There are only advantages to playing an Online Browser Game from GinDis.com. Once you try it, you will never want to do anything else again.