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Relations screen

In this screen you can manage your country�s relations - send and receive messages, check country info, send supplies, aid and tribute.

Last private messages � Here you can see the last messages that you have received from other country leaders.

Last alliance messages � Here you can see the last messages from your alliance.

Send translated message � Here you can send messages that will be translated automatically to the other country leader. (This helps players from all around the world, of all different languages, communicate with each other!).  This action requires 2 turns.

Send free text message � Here you can send free text messages other country leaders. Before you send a message, please check the player's language (Check the country's info).
If you receive a message that contains offensive language or violates the rules, please report it to us immediately and the player will be banned.

This action requires 2 turns.

Send message to everyone in your alliance - * You can send a message to everyone in your alliance but this action requires 5 turns.

* Everyone in your alliance will see your message.

Check info � This option can show you the country information for that player in order to contact him/her, the player�s language, where he/she comes from, country power/rank and if the player belongs to an alliance.


Send supplies, aid and tribute rules

1. You can send 1 kind of aid to the same country every 7 days.

* It can be money or resources. 

2. You cannot send resources to a stronger country than your own country! 

Shipments � This window will show you the shipments that you sent or need to arrive at your country.

Send money � you can send money aid to another country based on your total free money.

* You can send a max of 2,000,000,000 money.

* The total money that you can transfer is 10% of your total free money.

* Every money transfer costs 3 turns.  

Send resources � one kind of resource each time and the amount that you can send depends on the amount of transport ships that your country possesses.

* Every resources transfer costs 3 turns.

* Important: do not use a comma between the numbers!

Yes = 1000

No = 1,000

* Time of shipment arrival = 24 hours+.

* After the safe arrival of the resources to their destination country the transport ships will return to your country immediately.

* The enemy can see that you have sent transport ships and he/she can try to blow them up or try to take over the shipment.


The Table shows you what you can send for each Transport Ship�s power.

Resource Type

Transport Ship

















Example: A Transport ship with technology level 10 can carry 1,000 tons of wood + 500 tons of oil + 750 tons of Coal