World Leaders
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Scores & Ranking

This page shows you the 10 strongest players in the game by a few categories.

Every day the ranks update based on your country�s power. 

Hall Of Fame

In the game there are thousands of players from all over the world and in the Hall of Fame the best players will appear.

Your name will forever be in the Hall Of Fame for generations to come but for this to happen you need to pass a few steps:

* You need to be rank number 1 for 7 days in row + more then 100,000 land.

* If you go on vacation during this time the clock of the hall of fame will be zeroed and the count will begin again.

* Your country information will be registered in the Hall of Fame.

* The clock of the hall of fame will start to run from today.

* You can see the hall of fame from the page Scores & Ranking.