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Weapon name rules
If you use forbidden language your weapon will be deleted! (Please read the site�s terms and conditions)
You can use upper and lowercase letters with numbers.

3. You can also use the marks -_

4. The Weapon name must not include spaces.

5. The weapon name can be a max of 25 letters.

6. The letters must be in English.

7. If you have weapons of the same technology level the system will add the quantity that you bought to that weapon type and will change the weapon name and image.


Image rules

1. The image must be a max size of 50X50 pixels.
2. You need to upload the image on another site.
(For example:
3. If you leave this field empty the default image will appear.
4. The image must be connected to the weapon type or it will be deleted! (Please read the site�s terms and conditions)