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Land Research

In this screen you can research your land for resources and if you find resources you will have the option to build a civilian factory that will produce this resource every turn that passes.

You can use these resources to build weapons, trade or to sell on the market.

To research the land you will need 1 turn + 500,000 money for each attempt.

If you find resources you will have the option to build factories.

Resource Type

Build Price


Money: 1,000,000

Land: 10

Turns: 3


Money: 2,500,000

Land: 15

Turns: 5


Money: 5,000,000

Land: 25

Turns: 7


Money: 3,500,000

Land: 20

Turns: 5


Money: 7,500,000

Land: 30

Turns: 8


Money: 15,000,000

Land: 50

Turns: 9


Money: 30,000,000

Land: 75

Turns: 10


Money: 50,000,000

Land: 100

Turns: 10


Destroy factories

You can destroy factories and free up the land if you need it.

Just decide how many factories you want to destroy and click destroy factories.