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This screen will allow you to create an alliance group with common ground or just join an existing alliance.

If you create a new alliance then you will become the manager of this group/alliance. You can change the alliance's info in order to kick out countries in the group.

If you join an existing alliance you must remain in it for a minimum of 3 days (72 hours). After this time you will have the option of leaving the alliance.

To bring order to your alliance we have added the option of password protection. If you leave the password option empty anyone can join your alliance.

* The alliance leader can declare an emergency status in the alliance (every player in the alliance will receive a message after login that they need to contact the alliance leader immediately).

The message will be deleted after 3 days.

* The alliance leader can also see if members of the alliance are online or not. (This facility is only available if he/she has the supporter package).

Green = Online

Red = Offline  


Alliance name

The alliance name can be up to 7 characters or numbers. You can enter your alliance description and if you have supporter and you are the leader of the alliance you can also enter your alliance flag.


Search Alliance

You have option to search alliances by name or just to go through page by page and search for the right alliance for you.


Alliances limitations

* You can join the same alliance that you left only after 3 days have passed!

* If the leader of an alliance loses the game then the alliance will be deleted.