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Vacation mode

If you cannot continue to play for some reason then we allow you to put your country into vacation mode and come back later to play again.

During this time other countries can not attack your country or send spies.(But if enemy spies had already gone into operation in your country then the operation will continue)

* If there is an attack window open on your country and you went into vacation mode countries can still attack your country until the attack window closes!


Vacation rules:

1. When a Player goes on vacation he/she can gain a maximum of 60 turns and 60 land. The number of turns and land you receive depends on how long you are on vacation for.

2. When you want to end your vacation, simply login with your username and password and your country will be taken off vacation and made active again.

3. You can use the vacation option only 3 times every month.

4. You can only go on vacation if you did not have any war/spy news in the last 24 hours or if there are no UN requests/resolutions connected with your country!

5. If you do not log into your country within the next 90 days, your country will be deleted automatically.

6. Once you have logged in you cannot go into vacation mode again for the next 24 hours.

7. In the last month of the game nobody can go into vacation mode and players that are on vacation will be brought out of the vacation mode.

8. Countries with the rank under 100 cannot go to vacation!