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Satellites photos

This screen will allow you to get information on your enemy such as general country status, military status, and you might find the smoking gun (if this country has developed unconventional weapons and how close they are to the point of no return).

* The enemy will not know that you photographed the country.


Photos left

Actually, the technology level is how many photos left in the satellite and each time you take a photo it decreases until the satellite is no longer functional and you will need to build/buy a new one.


Important (Unofficial Quantity)

Do not forget that the satellites can fool you because the enemy can have many fake weapons and the satellites count them as real.

What the satellites show you is this:

Quantity + Fake weapons.

This means that if your satellite detected 100 tanks with technology level 3 and 500 more fake weapons then the satellite’s photo will show that the enemy has 600 tanks.

100 Real tanks

500 Fake tanks

100+500 = 600


Levels Left

How many technology levels are left to research before this country possesses this unconventional weapon?