World Leaders
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There are 4 types of news in the game:


General news

News like country events, resource shipments, money transfers, game bonuses and other general messages.

The news items are kept for 7 days and are then deleted.


Intelligence news

News about your spies’ operations results or if someone else spies on your country.

* The news items are kept for 7 days and are then deleted.


War news 

News about war operations and aggressive actions in the game connected with your country.

* The news items are kept for 3 days and are then deleted.


World news

This option will take your country to the next level of game information.

You will be able to use world news to view and track battles and battle results of the selected country.

For more information please click on the game news. (Upgrade your country news)


Random Events

Like in realty there can be good or bad events in your country that can influence your future decisions.

There are good events (60%) and bad events (40%).

You will have a country event in your country every week.

The event will appear in your country’s general news.