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Sell units

In this screen you can sell units that your country built or bought from other countries.

If you sell the weapons they will go directly on the black market and you will get the money directly from the arm dealers whether the units are sold or not.

Remember that a country can only buy units depending on its government type .

* There can only be 7 weapons on the black market at the same time from your country and if there is no buyer you can not sell again until someone buys your weapons.

* If there is no buyer after 7 days the weapon will be deleted automatically from the black market.

The price is fixed and the calculation is:

Fixed price * technology level = sell price.


Sell options

When you click to sell a weapon a window will appear that will show what you can sell.

You can choose from 2 buttons for how many units you want to sell.

* Depending on how many units you possess.

1. Option 1 = Can be from 1 to 250 units.

2. Option 2 = Sell all. (Only to below rank 1000)

When you sell the weapons the troops that operated the weapon will be automatically released from duty and they will become civilians again.

There are weapons with sub menus like the Jets, Helicopters and Ships.


When you click on them you will have the option to choose sub-weapons (for jets it will be bombers, UAV and others…

* This action requires 2 turns.