World Leaders
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About the game’s technology

This is a unique strategic game that breaks the language barrier on the internet!

You can play in your own language and communicate with other players that play in different languages. This is the first game ever created with this technology.


The Story

Earth after nuclear war…

Only a small number of countries stay in power and many countries decided to split into new countries after long disputes and wars...The war of world domination began. You strive to be the leader of the most powerful country on the planet.  However, at the same time, thousands of others have begun pursuing the same goals.  Your success will depend on mastering and commanding a successful military operation.  Prove that you are the best!


The Goal

World Leaders is an empire-based game of strategy and thought. As leader of a newly founded country, your ultimate goal is to become supreme. Using everything from diplomacy to war, you must strive to build an empire, both economically and militarily, superior to all others. Through all of this, you will compete against thousands of other players all dying to achieve the same goals. The only way you will succeed in achieving greatness will be through working with others and convincing them to help you get to where you want to be.


Getting Started

First off, you will need to create a new player account. You can only create ONE account. Once you've created your account, enter the game and you'll come to the main menu and be able to start your game.

* If you create more then one account the system will know and all your accounts will be locked!


Main Page

This screen is the main screen of the game and from here you can see your country status and military power.


Main page notifications

If you have war news for example a small image will appear in the main screen to notify you.

 = General News

 = War News

 = Spy News

 = You received message in the relations screen.

 = U.N. Request that is connected with your country.

 = U.N. Resolution that is connected with your country

 = Your alliance leader declares an emergency status in the alliance and you need to contact him immediately!


Other symbols

 =   Every page in the game has this symbol. When you will click on it a help page will come up that explains the page you are on.

 = The calculator appears in a few places in the game and will allow you to simulate and calculate a few things in the game. (Just click on it and start to calculate)



Getting money

Your civilians will give you money for every turn that passes. The amount of money that you get for each civilian depends on your government type.

Government Type

Earn every turn that pass


Number of civilians * 115


Number of civilians * 110


Number of civilians * 105


Number of civilians * 100


Number of civilians * 95


Number of civilians * 93


Number of civilians * 90


Number of civilians * 85


Population growth

The civilian growth rate depends on your country’s land; you will need 1 free land for every 100 civilians.

If you do not have enough free land then your civilians will stop growing.

The population growth rate is (civilian number/1000) for every turn that passes.

Example: Your country government type is Democracy and you have 10000 civilians, then every turn that passes you will gain

10000*110= 1100000money and 10 civilians will join your land.

* Important – keep tracking how much free land you have and how many civilians. This way you will not lose them (if you do not have enough free land then the civilians will leave).

Recruit civilians and turn them into military personnel

You can recruit civilians to join your army depending on your government type and total population. (Civilians + Military Personnel + Rebels = Total Population)

Military personnel are used to arm your weapons and also to be combat troops.

If you lose a weapon then the military personnel in it will die.

You can disband units and by doing so turn your military personnel back into civilians.

Government Type

Can Recruit


5% of your Total Population


10% of your Total Population


15% of your Total Population


25% of your Total Population


40% of your Total Population


70% of your Total Population


80% of your Total Population


90% of your Total Population



Rebels are a big threat to your country’s stability.

Also rebels do not give you money and are not calculated in the country’s growth rate.

If the number of rebels in your country becomes high then it’s very dangerous for you because other countries can ignite revolution in your country and you will lose the game.

Country Information

Here you can view your country’s details such as your Country’s Description, contact methods and how your country’s Net Worth has been calculated.

There are also these options:

* Change country info – You can change your country’s description and password. (If you bought the support package then you can add a flag to your country)

All players can see your contact information and country description.

* Vacation mode – allows you to go on vacation mode.

* Delete your country – Close your country.

* Define SMS – Only if you bought it.

* Game Packages – If you want to upgrade your country.


Scores & Ranking

This option shows you the top 10 players in the game by each category: Total power, Military power and Industry power. The ranking table is updated every day!


Players List 

This list contains 50 players who are more or less powerful than your country.  You can also search for countries which do not appear in the list by typing in a Country’s ID (this ID can be found next to a country’s name).You are unable to attack countries that are significantly stronger or weaker than your country. However, you can still send messages, spies/satellites, and send requests on them in the UN section.



The game is a turn-based system. Every 20 min, you will receive 1 turn. The turns are used for almost every action in the game.

If you do not have enough turns simply wait until you have accumulated enough turns. You are not required to be logged on to accumulate turns.  The system will recognize your country's name and will automatically calculate the time since your last visit on the site and calculate turns available.

* The maximum number of turns a country can get is 180, but a country can store up to 365 turns.

** You can get your factories income and your civilians will grow only when you use your turns. (Going to war, sending spies, buy weapons...)



The land is necessary for your country’s population growth and can be used to build factories. Factories can automatically produce resources per turn “used”.

You can obtain land in two ways:

* Send your army to conquer land in another country.

* Accumulate “1” land per 20 min.



This is a key component of your survival. Money will allow you to buy weapons, factories and technologies. You can obtain money from your civilians, by selling either weapons/resources or by stealing money from other countries.


Win/Lose the game

A game is lost when:

1. You have less then 100 civilians.

2. Rebels are 90% of your population.

3. You have 0 land.

The winner is the country ranked No. 1.