World Leaders
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Game Extra

The game extra screen will allow you to get extra turns and land for use in the game.

The available options are:


Send feedback

Send feedback on the site and the game will give your country 5 turns.

* Please write to us about what you think we need to improve and where.

* If you have suggestions please write to us and we will consider adding them in the game.


Recruiting system

The Recruiting system will give a bonus to your country for every visitor that comes from your link (must be a Unique IP).

Please send your link to family and friends only!

Each time you get enough visitors the system will give your country the bonus for this level of visitors.

* Itís forbidden to spam the link in forums and chats or other places. If we find that you are spamming, your account will be locked!

* The system knows how to detect spammers.


Vote for World Leaders

Please help us to bring World Leaders to the top of the voting game sites.

If you vote for us every day you can get 1 turn for each vote.

Thank you for helping us to improve the site/game and bring more players to Gindis Games.

Gindis Team


Spend turns

You can use this option when you do not want to take any action in the game and just want to activate production from your factories and to get more civilians!