World Leaders
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Army Status

Here you can see the military units that you have bought or built.

You can see which country you bought the weapons from or if they were made by your country.

The system allows you to disband your units.


Disband units

When you disband units you do not get the money or the resources you invested in them. You just release the troops and they become civilians again.


Upgrade units

This option will allow you to upgrade your units.

You can find this option from > Army Status > Unit type > upgrade.

* If you have 100 tanks with technology level 5 and you have researched technology level 8 in tanks you can upgrade your tanks to be level 8. (You will pay only for the 3 levels)

* This action costs 5 turns.

* If you upgrade units that need more troops (such as ships) you will need to add troops to the weapons.