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The advantages of our products are:

Mobility Browser game fans can play their games from any location. The games guarantee a game concentration through the use of intelligent game concepts similar to complex console games. It is not necessary, however, to download or install any software: Since the games can be accessed simply via a URL and played in an Internet browser (for example the Internet Explorer) right on the provider's servers and they are accessible from anywhere. The user registers once and then can play his game on any PC - at home, at the office or in an Internet cafe.

Community Browser games are played online. Gindis.com offers games in which thousands of real friends and foes meet. The competition and communication (in numerous in-game chats and forums) are in the foreground. As such, uses don't just simply play the games, they are actively involved in designing them. Every action results in a response from an opponent. In this way, the course of the game is unpredictable and the game stays suspenseful at all times. Due to the unlimited number of variations, the games are never finished.

Free to use Gindis games are free to play. In this way you reach a large target group, since players of all ages and salary levels are able to play. The player does not need to buy expensive hardware such as consoles or expensive software. All he needs is a PC. At the same time, if he wants to speed up his game successes, he can profit from offers in the form of virtual goods or premium subscriptions. The costs of these extras are extremely transparent and can be influenced by the player.

Updates and upgrades Since the games are played completely on the server farm at Gindis, improvements such as game updates, further development, and upgrades are more simple than ever. For the player, this means that he always has the most current and technically modern game version - this guarantees him the best possible game fun.

Quality games with the newest technologies Gindis games are high quality, long-term games with superior graphics and which are on the cutting edge of technology. The Gindis developers are always integrating new technologies which result not only in exciting new game ideas, but also go down in game history and get new target groups excited about a former niche product.

The future... After only a few years, browser games have had a change of face - the technical advancements as well as the improved hardware availability of the players and wideband Internet connections support the use of the newest technologies in browser games. Browser games have attained the quality console games had just a few short years ago -- and future technical developments and cost reductions for wideband Internet promise further exciting developments.

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