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About Gindis Games

As a worldwide pioneer in the market segment browser-based games, Gindis makes the impossible possible: it is our vision to develop online games which overcome the language barrier.

Players can play the games in their native language yet all understand each other directly from their web-browser.

Since its inception, Gindis has has continued to grow: popular game portals, a portfolio with over 5 browser games, and the enormous increase in players last year alone, we are not only on a national, but on an international expansion course as well.

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Gindis as a Practice for Real Life


The Goal

To expand on the existing principle of strategic games and to provide them with intuitively controllable action elements - in this way it is possible to create game concepts with impressive graphics and a high fun factor.

The Challenge

How can we reach this goal without the user having to download software or graphic packages, so that it can be played exclusively online?

The Solution

Thanks to the application of new technologies and the resulting development of innovative game engines, the impossible has already been made possible.